Engineering Extravaganza

The Engineering Extravaganza took place on Monday 12 November 2018 at The AMP Technology Centre, Rotherham. The event is now in its seventh year and aims to encourage 12 to 14-year-olds to take up a career in engineering. It provides a hands-on introduction to some of the career options open to students in the STEM subjects. It is part of Tomorrow’s Engineers Week and the Year of Engineering.

The event is led by leading engineering institutions – The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3), The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), The Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), The Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE). For the first time The Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) also joined the event.

The event is open to North Derbyshire and South Yorkshire schools and this was coordinated by the STEM Ambassador Hub North Midlands South and East Yorkshire managed by Derbyshire Education Business Partnership. 130 students from the following schools were involved:

• Barnsley Academy
• Clifton Community School
• Eckington School
• Heanor Gate Science College
• King Ecgbert School
• King Edward VII School
• The Bramcote School
• Springwell Community College
• Tibshelf Community School
• Wales High School

Before the event, students were encouraged to consider how many different types of engineers there are. This helped them gain an appreciation of the activities they were attending and the practical activities they were to be involved with.

At the event, students moved in small groups through five of a possible six stations (ran by the professional engineering organisations, the venue with support from STEM Ambassadors) as predetermined by the organisers. These included:

IOM3 Materials in Action
The IOM3 challenge explored how materials play a central role in our lives and have helped to change and improve the technology we rely on.

IMechE Bloodhound Car
The IMechE helped teams of students to create an air-powered model of the Bloodhound Super Sonic Car. Teams had the opportunity to compete against each other to determine which cars travelled furthest/fastest on the day.

ICE Skyscraper Challenge
The ICE challenged the young civil engineer’s skills to build a tower out of Lego, whilst earning the maximum profit. Teams had to think about the costs incurred in building it, and potential income that could be made from it. The tower could be of any design but had to stand up by itself and be stable enough to withstand a mild wind force.

IET Motor Madness
With the IET, students manufactured a DC electric motor and got to understand how it worked. They also studied how DC motors are used in the world around us today, and how they might be used in the future.

IChemE The Secret World of Gases
The IChemE explored how some gases are used and could be used in the future as we move towards a lower carbon and more energy-efficient society. It involved some students getting involved in some of the interactive demonstrations.

AMRC Training Centre Apprentice Centre Tour
Apprentices showed the young people first-hand, the amazing facilities at the AMRC Training Centre and encouraged them to ask questions about their early career experiences in the centre. They also got the chance to try out virtual welding.

AMRC welding
AMRC Training Centre Apprentice Centre Tour
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One of the students attending said: “The event was interesting and will help inspire others to do engineering as a career. It opens doors to lots of opportunities as well.”