Inspirational ‘World of Work Day’

Students at The Ormiston Ilkeston Enterprise Academy had the privilege of spending the day learning skills that would prepare them for the world of work. All pupils in Year 10 had the opportunity to hear from successful alumni of the school to inspire them to begin their own journey to success.

A forum theatre production, delivered by two local professional actors, entertained and educated the students around how to succeed in an interview. The students intervened in an interview scenario which was going badly to help the struggling candidate, with their suggestions improving the interview. This was in preparation for the students own mock interview in the afternoon.
The mock interviews were supported by 15 local employers who volunteered their time to give the students their own individual interview. Students utilised the knowledge they had gained through the forum theatre production to impress the employers.

SHAPE – World of Work

We are supporting St Martins School and Horizons Sixth Form in Derby with weekly sessions for Year 13 students related to the […]