Stubbin Wood Enterprise Project

The student branded ‘Stubbin Wood Enterprise Project’ was delivered in partnership with DEBP, Elmton and Creswell Village Company and Stubbin Wood School. The initiative was designed to give 10 students the opportunity to take over a business for a day; to showcase the employability skills they had developed over the course of three months and encourage more employers to consider the further recruitment of people with additional needs.

The students undertook a whole series of challenges, including:

  • understanding the requirements of running a business
  • identifying the opportunities available for work
  • developing self-awareness of individual skills and interests
  • applying and being interviewed for positions
  • work experience and training at the venue

The finale took place at Limestone House in December 2017, where all of the students were allocated job roles and ran the centre, including running the retail outlet and the café.  The young people had worked very hard developing their employability skills over months before and showcased their capacities as:

  • Customer Service Advisors
  • Sales Assistants
  • Food Service – Waiters
  • Food Service – Hosting
  • Visual Merchandisers
  • Marketing Assistants