DEBP achieved the matrix Standard in March 2019. This is a unique nationally recognised quality standard which assesses and measures the information, advice and guidance services.  It ultimately support individuals in their choice of career, learning, work and life goals.

The assessor interviewed members of the team, along with representatives from schools and some key partners.

Feedback highlighted areas of strength as:

At the very core of DEBP is a well-trained and supported workforce which is passionate about reaching out to enable and empower marginalised young people to realise their potential. All deliverers of IAG support are highly committed to equality, social inclusion, and social mobility. The provision of second chance solutions, and linking up undiscovered talent to opportunities is truly inspirational. Staff leave no stone unturned in supporting young people to overcome challenges and create a journey to a more compelling future.

Service delivery approaches are highly motivational and encourage people to become more aspirational. Many of the young people targeted have a range of barriers to progression to overcome in order to achieve their potential. Support is holistic and is centred on learning, work, career and, very importantly, life goals. Combining young peoples’ interests with IAG techniques embedded in the employability activities, ensures incremental planning to help realise longer term goals.

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