Practical Action Solar Challenge
Jun 28 all-day

If you are looking for a STEM challenge that gets pupils thinking about electricity in a real-world context then check out the new Solar Challenge from Practical Action.

Set in rural southern Zimbabwe where few villages have access to mains electricity, pupils investigate how to make different circuits which include solar cells. They then look at the requirements for electricity by different people in a community and make decisions on how a fixed amount of solar cells should be allocated based on needs.

Tomorrow’s Engineers EEP Robotics Challenge
Jul 15 all-day

The Tomorrow’s Engineers EEP Robotics Challenge is a programme supported by the Helsington Foundation and delivered by EngineeringUK through the Tomorrow’s Engineers programme. The Tomorrow’s Engineers EEP Robotics Challenge aims to reach UK secondary school students, to discover and inspire a future generation of expert engineers.

The Robot Challenge consists of a series of aviation missions. Teams try to complete as many as possible under time pressure using the unique robots that they’ve built.