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Become a STEM Ambassador

If you would like to become a STEM Ambassador please visit the national site or contact us to find out more.  We can offer training sessions at your place of work for six or more employees.

Once you're a STEM Ambassador

We've created this handbook to help you use the STEM Learning website, find an activity and sign up to it, measure impact and the support and training available.

Volunteering opportunities in your area

We've put together a map showing where schools and community groups have requested support from STEM Ambassadors.  Clicking on the pins should take you straight to the activity on your profile.  Please note you need to be logged on to your STEM Learning account to open the map links.

Have an offer of your own?

If you have an idea for an activity, we can promote it to schools and community groups on your behalf.  How about offering a visit to your site, developing an activity related to your job or preparing a talk about your sector? STEM Ambassador offers are always well received by local schools and community groups.

Training and development opportunities

We regularly host networking and practical training sessions with a wide range of partners.  If you are interested in developing your skills, learning to deliver an exciting practical activity or extending your reach into schools and the community, then these sessions are for you!

Online learning and resources

STEM Learning have curated a selection of resources and training especially for STEM Ambassadors, ranging from practical activity ideas to hints and tips for your first STEM Ambassador activity. It's well worth a read!

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Programme Gallery

Here are some photographs relating to the STEM Ambassadors programme.

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