Engineering Extravaganza

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Date:  26 November 2019

Engineering Extravaganza is coming to Sheffield Hallam University.

Teams of 15 students (from Years 8 and 9) are invited to come and join the Engineering Extravaganza.  They will get the chance to take part in five out of six activities including:

  • Building the tallest skyscraper and trying to make the most profit.
  • Building an air-powered model car and competing against each other to determine which cars will travel furthest.
  • Exploring how materials have helped to change and improve our lives.
  • Making a simple DC electric motor and understanding how electric motors form a significant contribution within our everyday lives.
  • Exploring how some gases are used and could be used in the future, as we move towards a lower carbon and more energy-efficient society.
  • A demonstration from the engineering department at Sheffield Hallam University.

The November event is now full but the event will return to the AMRC in Rotherham in March 2020 - please email to express an interest.