We manage the Enrichment Partnership for Yorkshire and Humber.  The Enrichment programmes support young people to develop their science capital and essential STEM skills. These programmes aim for all young people to have multiple, regular opportunities to engage with meaningful and impactful STEM enrichment activities. Read on to find out more about the three enrichment programmes we offer.


ESERO-UK aims to support the space sector by inspiring more young people, particularly those from under-represented groups, to pursue space-related studies and careers post-16. We aim to provide young people with inspirational activities and opportunities inside and outside formal lessons to increase their STEM aspirations by working with Space Champions.


Nuffield Research Placements (NRPs) are engaging, real-life research or development projects, where talented Year 12 (or equivalent) students are placed at the heart of a UK host organisation. This programme focuses on providing placements for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, whether from low-income households, families with no history of higher education, or those in care, providing this opportunity to over 1,000 students each year across the UK.


At least three-quarters of UK schools have one or more thriving STEM Clubs, but we want it to be more. More STEM clubs in schools/colleges will increase the opportunities available to young people to participate in high-impact STEM activities during their education.

STEM Clubs are out-of-timetable sessions that enrich and broaden the curriculum, giving young people the chance to explore subjects like science, technology, engineering, and maths in less formal settings.

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Here are some photographs relating to the STEM Enrichment Partnership.

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