Year 11 students from Wilsthorpe School & Sixth Form took part in a day of mock interviews.  The aim is to help create a better understanding of the interview processes they may go through when applying for further education or employment. Local business people (including some STEM Ambassadors) took on the role of interviewers.  In order to give the students an experience as close to the real thing as possible. The one-to-one interviews took the students through a range of typical questions that they might encounter at an interview.  The mock interviews concluded with a feedback session. This enabled students to gain useful tips on how to tailor their approach to future interviews.

Matt Gray, Assistant Headteacher at Wilsthorpe School, “The mock interviews held at Wilsthorpe during January form an important part of the careers education and guidance programme for Year 11. It provides students with an authentic experience, where they are interviewed by local employers and challenged to share their strengths, skills and interests.”

Students reflected:

“I thought the interviews were useful because they allowed me to experience what a real interview was like.”

“I now know what to expect and so I’m not worried about interviews anymore.”

“The interviews helped me prepare for the future.  I used some of my answers during my Sixth Form interview.”

“We don’t have long left at school and it gave me a realistic look at the world of work and how to approach interviews.”