We were planning on developing our new website and wanted a promotional animated film to feature on the home page. We are a social enterprise that supports young people to develop skills and excitement for their future careers. Therefore, we decided we would like young people to create the film with input from our team and someone from the creative industries.

We met with Sparky Ink Studios in Chesterfield who specialise in digital story-telling through video games, animation, art and writing. They agreed to host the project to take place over the summer of 2019 with five students from three schools including:

  • Ashgate Croft School
  • Stubbin Wood School
  • Swanwick School and Sports College


The students were selected for the project for both their skills and interest in creative studies. Over the summer, the five students attended Sparky Ink every Wednesday. Each student, under the direction of Sparky Ink staff, was able to work in an area of design and animation which was of particular interest to them.

As there was still work to be done on the film, the project continued for the remainder of 2019.