Ambassadors volunteer their time and expertise to promote STEM to young people in original, creative, practical, and engaging ways. We look after almost 2000 brilliant and inspiring volunteers supporting STEM activities both in the classroom and the community. STEM Ambassadors cross all ages and backgrounds, representing a vast spectrum of different employers.

STEM Ambassador Hub

You can book a STEM Ambassador to come into your classroom or community group, either face-to-face or virtually, free of charge. To get you started why not have a read of the Teacher Handbook or Youth Leader Handbook for some great starting points when looking for an Ambassador.

STEM Ambassadors - map

STEM Learning have created a collection of tried and tested STEM Ambassador activities and give you templates to use when requesting a STEM Ambassador.

All requests for support added to the STEM Learning website, can be searched by STEM Ambassadors from anywhere in the UK.

Local requests go out as part of regular local bulletins to STEM Ambassadors.  We also send out termly teacher bulletins.  These contain details of requests but also information on networking opportunities, events and a range of free STEM activity resources which can be borrowed from us for use in the classroom and to support extra-curricular activities such as STEM clubs and enrichment days. 


As well as requests, you can search for STEM Ambassador offers.  These are added by STEM Ambassadors directly and usually relate more closely to their skills and expertise.

Details of some of the offers form part of the teacher bulletins but you can also search via the STEM Learning website.

Programme Gallery

Here are some photographs relating to the STEM Ambassadors programme.

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