Personalised GUIDANCE: FIRST+

With FIRST+ every learner benefits from one to one interventions at key decision making times. Year 9, 10, 11 and post-16, plus skills preparation and targeted support in Year 7 and 8. This programme provides 4 days of dedicated support weekly. This is from an Employability Worker qualified to Level 4 Advice and Guidance and a Level 7 qualified Careers Adviser. Plus across your whole school and sixth form it supports you to meet the Gatsby Benchmarks.

Secondary - FIRST+
“The Careers Advisor and Employability Worker have fitted in seamlessly and have been enthusiastically welcomed by staff and students alike. Their professionalism, knowledge and experience have allowed us to deliver a careers programme that is tailored to our broad spectrum of students. It takes into account individual needs as well as the nature of the academies position within the community. Both the academy and its students are aware of the long term impact and benefits of the FIRST+ personalised guidance programme.”
David Riley
The Pingle Academy (part of The de Ferrers Trust) Careers Leader/Assistant Headteacher